Life as Yoga

To meet my own truth, each moment on my mat or life itself offers a unique field of practice.I realized the purpose of yoga and thus Life as Yoga was born. The practice on the mat is always helpful, at the same time it’s just a beginning. Revitalizing movement through the body, focusing with breath and awakening with meditation.Every moment that life offers me is a gift.
Especially the moments that I cannot accept, the ones that I have a hard time connecting to become my essential practice.
If I don’t see it once, it will come back again and again until I truly understand and thus become free.Discriminations, conditions, all the good and the bad; they are all here because of the conditionings I carry.
Yes, they are a part of me too, but they are so restricting and controlling. On the surface I can say that they constitute my personality. At a deeper level lies my essence, one with you, one with nature, a part of the universe.Amazing! Just like the broad ocean and its waves and ripples.
Ocean is present in each little particle. Just like love, strength and peace is in all of us. This is the reality I am awakening to in each moment. Miracle!


What the mind says is also a part of the consciousness but at the same time it is very limited and conditional. It only seperates me from you, you from me and us from the whole. What would it look like to awaken to your own truth? To get to know your essence, to know the I, to trust its power and to flow with love.


Our hearts are one, always pure, always new.
The more space you offer yourself, the more you can hear your heart. Then you can start to shine your light, to create, to touch. The universe needs you.


For you to be free, your life offers the necessary practices in every moment. Wherever you get stuck, whatever hurts, whatever you can not accept is exactly where the possibility of awakening lies. Pause for a moment. Ask yourself, what does life want from you, for you.Your healing is right here right now.


Your each moment, breath is a miracle.
You are a miracle. Offering space and care to yourself only strenghtens the connection with your heart. Stepping out of what you know,being curious, inquiring, setting your heart on it.


The journey unfolds in love, peace, joy, from you to you, layer by layer. The light you shine through your awareness does not only serve you but all of us in every moment. As you become free so does the world. As you heal the universe heals.